SmartSolo Software Suite
April 21, 2021
IGU Tester04
IGU Tester
April 21, 2021



Server: Dell R740
CPU: Intel® Xeon® Silver 4114 x 2
Disk 1 and Disk 2: RAID1 – 2 TB per disk – contains the Operating System
Disk Array: Dell MD1400 (Raid 6, 12 * 10TB) – for Data Storage


The Data Manager Console (DMC) program is used to set up the project parameters, including the IGU-16 recording parameters, before deployment. The Data Collector Console (DCC) program provides the interface with the IGU-16 units, for programming and offload. After the data has been offloaded by DCC, DMC is used to generate the output files in SEGD or SEGY format. The DMC and DCC programs run on High-Speed servers that each have an external 120 TB RAID attached.