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June 4, 2021


Smart Solo DTCC is a leading geothermal exploration company in China.


Highly Quality Geothermal Exploration Services

Smart Solo DTCC is a leading geothermal exploration company in China. We are among the top names in exploration and seismic equipment across Beijing and beyond.

Geothermal exploration is a bridge between ideas of early-stage geothermal development and optimally committed planning and start-up of geothermal production.  In a broader sense, this type of exploration involves establishing the viability of geothermal energy as a means of generating power or heat in a specific location.

The knowledge received through exploration forms the basis for the establishment of energy-producing potential along with the subsequent creation of construction cost estimates and engineering plans.

The assessment quality depends on the quality of the data available. Accurate information from the geothermal exploration phase is critical to assessing the overall viability of energy production and the detailed physical challenges concerning operational expectations, drilling, and costs.

We offer a wide range of services for geothermal development and exploration. Smart Solo DTCC can manage the whole geothermal exploration effort, starting from the reconnaissance stage through to resource management of the developed geothermal field, or any defined part of the process as per the client’s wishes.

Top Geothermal Exploration Services in China

We provide our geothermal energy clients with an integrated range of services from experienced experts available in the market. We also have extensive experience in overall geothermal exploration project development, management, and master planning.

We deal in evaluation, resource feasibility, modeling, deep well-drilling exploration, well testing, power plant engineering and procurement, and construction (EPC) contracting.

Our team of geothermal resource and construction professionals helps our customers achieve their operational and development objectives. We offer cost-effective exploration and consulting services to help them explore, drill, install, develop, and maintain successful geothermal resource production fields. We help them in developing power plant projects that generate a continuous return on investment.