Geophone SmartSolo IGU-16HR 3C
April 21, 2021
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June 4, 2021

Seismic Sensor SmartSolo IGU-BD3C-5

It is a low-cost and micropower consumption broadband smart seismic sensors or seismic sensor manufacturers. Based on the high sensitivity geophone DT-SOLO produced by DTCC and incorporated with electronics and software technologies in the mobile internet era.

With internationally well-received and reliable electronic spread spectrum technology and frequency band range of IGU-BD3C-5 is up to 0.2Hz to 150Hz.

Due to its high reliability and high level of customization of storage and power capacity, it is very suitable not only for traditional active seismic exploration but also for long-period observation of natural microseismic, transient surface wave survey, and mobile station natural earthquake monitoring, etc.



Top Quality Seismic Sensor Manufacturers

Smart Solo DTCC is one of the leading seismic sensor manufacturers in China. Our involvement with Seismological and Geophysical Instruments starts in the last decade as instrument producers and field support for seismic monitoring companies. We have crafted and manufactured various Seismic Sensors, focusing on low cost, ease of use, low power consumption, and higher reliability.

Our every seismic sensor has been used in dozens of projects in the toughest conditions and harsh environments, nationwide. We feel more than happy that our sensors never had any operational issues or failures. Several hundreds of instruments have been delivered in China up to now.

Affordable Seismic Sensor Price

Smart Solo DTCC bears all the gained experience of the past years and widens its activities into new seismic equipment for sale applications. We launch commercial as well as new products in the seismological or geophysical sector.

Our major target is to deliver the industry with portable, low-power, affordable seismic sensor price, seismological and geophysical instruments.

These include wide-band seismic sensor and processing software for exploration seismology and geophysics.

Professional  Seismic Equipment for Sale

Our seismic equipment for sale is perfect for regional and local seismicity and micro-seismicity monitoring. Every seismic sensor is ideal for recording seismic events such as those induced by extraordinary hydrocarbon extraction (such as hydraulic fracturing).

Our high-fidelity recorders assure that signals are recorded with top resolution and precise timing. They can be networked over seed-link telemetry offering real-time monitoring networks.

We keep focusing on the research and development side of our supply chain. To beat the top players of seismic sensor manufacturers, we keep researching and find out new ideas. While offering professional services and quality products, we commit to aiding customers to get massive precise vibration data in different applications. We help businesses easily perceive the complex world.


  • New generation 3 components smart seismic sensor.
  • High-resolution data with up to 0.25ms sampling and 24-bit delta-sigma ADC.
  • Low frequency can reach 5s.
  • Real-time seismic data monitoring and sensor status QC.
  • The internal battery supports up to 30 days of continuous recording.
  • Internal 32GB memory can be expanded to 64GB.
  • Support for external power supply and Bluetooth QC.
  • Dual LED status QC indicates Bluetooth, battery level, and working status.
  • Built-in GPS receiver and time-disciplined high precision clock.
  • Compatible with vibroseis and impulsive energy sources.



  • Physical
  • Seismic data channel(s): 3
  • ADC resolution: 24 bits
  • Sample intervals: 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8,10, 20 ms
  • Self-noise Level: Whole frequency band lower than the NHNM curve,5s~1Hz lower than the NLNM curve
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Physical Size: φ158mm × 160mm (w/o spike)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (Including internal battery and spike)
  • Data Storage: 32GB (can be expanded to 64GB)
  • Operating Life@25℃: 30 days Continuous / 60 days Segmented (12 hours ON/12 hours SLEEP)
  • External Power Supply: 7V~15V DC (single supply)
  • Bluetooth QC: Available
  • Data Harvesting: USB 3.0
  • Charging Temperature Range: +3˚C ~ +45˚C
  • Sensor
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 0.2Hz~150Hz
  • Distortion: <0.1% @12Hz, (0° ~ 10°) tilt,(0°~3°) horizontal tilt Sensitivity: 200V/m/s (5.08 V/in/s) Remark: All parameters are specified at +22℃ in the
  • vertical position and horizontal position for horizontal geophone unless otherwise stated.
  • (@ 2ms sample interval, 31.25 Hz, 25°C, unless otherwise indicated) Maximum Input Signal: ±2.5Vpeak @ Gain 0dB Instantaneous Dynamic Range:
  • 120dB@ Gain 0dB Common Mode Rejection: >100dB
  • Gain Accuracy: < 1%
  • GPS Time Standard: 1 ppm
  • Timing Accuracy: ± 10µs, GPS Disciplined
  • Cross Feed: < -110dB
  • Inter-channel Phase Offset: <0.1ms
  • Transverse Vibration Rejection: Better than 1%
  • Inter-channel Amplitude Coherence: 5%
  • System Dynamic Range: 140dB
  • Frequency Response: 0~1652Hz