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Seismic Sensor SmartSolo IGU-BD3C-5
April 21, 2021
Geothermal Exploration
June 4, 2021


If you are in search of specialty instruments for engineering, nautical, aerospace, and surveying applications, we invite you to go through our catalog and request a quote for a seismograph for sale here.


High Quality Seismograph For Sale

Smart Solo DTCC is the leading company in the manufacturing of seismograph for sale and monitoring field. We have a history of introducing the latest solutions for geo monitoring and new services to give your data faster while advancing data analysis through our research projects.

Our seismograph is updated continually for faster service. By a standard seismograph for vibration events’ remote monitoring, our seismograph also includes different options to measure water level, noise levels, crack motions, and water quality. All these measurements can be made with the cost savings and convenience of the industry’s first remotely operated instruments.


Smart Solo DTCC also offers The Vault, a system of record storage that lets us maintain your recorded data safely for years without any chance of data loss. Data can be recovered for recording location, every operation, and specific dates or times. Seismograph for sale operates behind the scenes to safeguard your crucial vibration recordings.


Our team of experts is encouraged to use cutting-edge technology and are enrolled regularly in continuing professional development courses related to geology, engineering, industrial practices, blasting safety, and licensing. We also offer corporate training and information meetings for workers and meetings for our customers in the industry.


Best Portable Seismograph For Sale

Since we are using the newest technology and customizing solutions for industrial challenges, we present our findings at trade conferences and professional gatherings.


For ten years, our clients use our seismographs to develop land surveying equipment,seismic sensor  and angle measuring tools. Due to our can-do mindset, our geology-related product lines are innovative and diverse.