Battery Charger Rack (BCR)01
Data Harvesting Rack(DHR)
April 20, 2021
High Quality Seismograph 03
April 21, 2021

SmartSolo Software Suite


SoloDMC: Data management and processing of deliverable SEGD or SEGY files
SoloDCC: Data downloading and QC of IGU-16
SoloTester: IGU-16 test for both electronics and geophone
Solo Pos: Provides map view of receivers & sources, positional QC
Seaview: Viewing and QC of seismic data (raw data and SEGD/SEGY files)
Solo Pro: Stacking and correlation of seismic data
AuxMonitor: Real-Time QC of Aux box signals
SoloFDT: Deployment tool – automatic matching of line & station using internal GPS


The SmartSolo software suite includes the following modules.